Life has been pretty full on really, in every sense, in a beautiful way. The downs have been heavily outweighed by the ups, and over the past couple of months I’ve come to realise just how small this island of ours really is. I’ve lost count of the readings that have exploded from chance encounters and meetings at the right time and place with people that have welcomed us into their lives, homes, and events with open arms. It’s been humbling, as well as being a lovely reminder of how hospitable we are as a people.

Sales of ‘The Sleeping Warrior’ have taken off better than I ever could have imagined they would. Since publication myself and Chelsea have been travelling across the country to various readings, from bookshops to pubs to theatres to caves to festivals and full on venues, taking in the Derry Heat of the All-Ireland Poetry Slam, where I finished runner up despite the final officially finishing in a draw. That I never competed in a slam before, coupled with only finding out about it at 4pm before a 6.30pm kick off, made for a great night, and although it’s natural to wonder how the deciding vote swung against me, I’m content to know that my words found a place within the minds of another audience, and another dozen book sales softened the blow!

Towards the end of August I took the notion to commemorate the Yeats’ poem ‘September 1913’ by writing a piece a day for the month of September, not really knowing why or if the whole thing would come together. It’s gone to print, and will be available in a couple of weeks. It’s funny how these things work off the back of ideas that spring up on a whim, but it came at a time when there weren’t enough hours in the day to do what needed doing. There still aren’t.

The days are taken up by working on two  different stories that are slowly taking shape. Hopefully by the end of the year at least one of them will be ready, while the other one is already written in my head (though editing is a long and torturous task). Otherwise, we’ve been offline more than on of late, and happily so, the older I get the less time I seem to be able to spend in front of a computer without the need to get the feck away from it again.

The next week or so is the calm before a storm of performances/readings;

October 29th – Out-Spoken in The Star of Kings, Kings Cross, London.

October 31st – Yeats Society, Sligo

November 1st – Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

November 2nd, Chapters, Cavan Town

November 8th – Manorhamilton Library

November 16th – Galway, though I need to double check the venue and am reaching the end of the time I can be arsed spending online.

Hopefully I’ll see some of ye along the way. Thanks to all who’ve bought the book. I honestly really appreciate the support and will hopefully catch up with each and every one of you in the flesh to thank you in person.