The Sleeping Warrior Cover

The Sleeping Warrior, SA Murphy, Inisciuin Press


The Sleeping Warrior is the backdrop to Lough Gill, a lake immortalized in the Yeats poem, The Lake Isle of Inisfree. Inspired by the lush surroundings on the Northwest coast of Ireland, Stephen’s first collection is a journey into the mythology of the Irish past, insights into its troubled present, and reflections on life. The latest edition in print includes the poem ‘Was it for this?


Published by Inisciuin Press, it’s available to purchase through the PayPal link below.



COVER_half copy

September 2013, SA Murphy, Inisciuin Press


A few months back, to commemorate the centenary of Yeats’ epochal poem ‘September 1913‘, I set about writing a piece per day for the month of September of this year. Originally I thought the project would emerge politically charged, but due to personal circumstances it became more an introspective journey into the nature of love, fear, and the more primal aspects of the family unit. Published locally through Inisciuin Press, the work covers a broad range, but mostly the themes surround the discovery of our own impending parenthood and our return home from the Himalayas to the rural hills of North Leitrim.

If you wish to buy a copy, that’d be mighty. You can do so by following the link below.

Thanks for your continued support. All proceeds will go towards putting a roof on a cottage and nappies on a child!




6 thoughts on “Books

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  3. It’s wonderful to know we have a new Ard Laoch.
    What a chord you’ve struck! ( A Flat country!?)
    Dates of future public readings please.

  4. Thanks Stephen…. Couldn’t get to the web page to buy your book …. Fascinating stuff of genius – stick with it you’ll be recognised soon as a literary giant of our time… Regards
    Tom Beisty

    • Tom,

      My sincere apologies for only seeing this post now, I’d kinda just left the wordpress go and forgotten to keep up with it. Today is the first time I’ve logged in in well over a year!

      Regards to you & yours & thank you for the kind words. I’m not sure about literary giant, there are many more accomplished than I, but I do what I do in the hope it finds people along the way.

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