Was It For This? – The Daily Edge

a powerful and searing account of Ireland past and present. It’s well worth a listen.“- Nicola Byrne

The Leitrim Observer – 19/06/14

“It is clear that Stephen has a voice that is crying out to be heard and his rhythmic delivery is also something that quickly grabs the attention of the listener. Given the quick pace of its delivery it wasn’t surprising when Stephen revealed he is close to completing an album of his work having collaborated with Drumshanbo based musician The Archaic Revival.

A conversation with Stephen reveals a man with a desire to question why the country suffered the economic collapse rather than simply accept it.” – Philip Rooney.

Electric Picnic Review – The Irish Times 01/09/14

“Often forgotten in coverage is the Mindfield area, where plays, poetry, debates and interviews were running all weekend. The highlight for this reporter was a searing attack on the corruption, pettiness, small-minded politics, greed and hypocrisy that marks so much of modern Irish society delivered by poet Stephen Murphy in his Was it For This?” – Kitty Holland.

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