S.A. Murphy


Stephen lives and works in North Leitrim, having
recently returned from travelling. He’s happiest out in the countryside
and can’t for the life of himself figure out why people like living in cities.
He’s a fan of all animals, especially dogs and people, and if you want to
contact him, you can do so at samurphy@live.ie, or get updates through


5 thoughts on “S.A. Murphy

  1. Dear Stephen,
    After circling the internet like a red-tailed hawk in search of a Sleeping Warrior site, I alit upon PayPal and got scuttled and sequestered. Where can I order without going through PayPal?
    David Hartnett

    • David,

      My sincere apologies for never replying to this, as mad as this will sound I’ve only just seen it now. Send me an email with your address to samurphy@live.ie and I’ll send it on to you by way of apology.

      Regards to you & yours,


  2. Hi Stephan

    Love your stuff , very few poets around that write from the heart and the head

    Listen we are having a festival in May 2015 in Dublin “Socialist voice festival” and as part of that there will be a poetry night and we would be delighted if you could attend and preform

    For more details please contact me
    Hope to here from you soon


  3. Your performance in the Abbey Theatre last Sunday was truly terrific., heart moving, and so true.
    Your standing ovation so well deserved…

    • It goes to show what a disaster I am online that I’ve only just seen this comment now! My apologies and thanks for your kind words, that was a day that I’ll never forget. The only time I’ve left a stage in tears. I hope all is well with you and yours..

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