Excerpt from ‘The Ghost of Fionn McCumhaill’

…I’ve slept for many centuries
Beneath the city in the east
To waken only when the pleas
of Ireland in despair increased
Only the horn, with three shrill blasts
Was fit to wake me up at last
The tears I shed I recognise
As realer than this land my eyes
perceive as that as long before
When warriors from this island bore
To Roisin promises of lore
That in her need we would restore
her to her former glory for
her dignity and nothing more.

‘Though restless often were my dreams
The tyrannies of kings and queens
Could never kill the spirit gleaned
That lingers still in hills and streams
Much worse, and that which worries most
Is that we’ve sold, from coast to coast
Our sovereign gains to foreign banks
And with beguiling ‘please’ and ‘thanks’
The citizens in cities danced
To worship gods of circumstance.

‘But when they bled our nation dry
And left but never said goodbye
We acted as scorned lovers shamed
Who sought to squarely pass the blame
We shunned accountability;
A victim culture woe-is-me
turned farcical plutocracy
That never learned from history…


2 thoughts on “Excerpt from ‘The Ghost of Fionn McCumhaill’

  1. Such beauty and truth in this poem, love it .The spirit does exist not only in our streams and mountains but in this poem too , looking forward to reading your poetry I find your words passionate with a gentle air of real dignity thank you for sharing.
    Kind Regards Kathy.

    • Thank you for your kind words Kathy, and my apologies that it’s take until now for me to reply.

      I spend more time over at my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/thesleepingwarrior & have neglected to so much as log in here in well over a year. Silly of me really.

      I’m releasing an album soon with a musician friend of mine that has The Ghost on it. It sounds really beautiful with the music to go with it. Keep an eye out for it, it may strike a chord.

      Hope all is well with you & yours,


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