Excerpt from ‘Ériú’

…When she started to sing
the suns knees fell from beneath it
as it gave in to the horizon;
Flinging its brush across the skies
in ever changing paintings
of pure art.

What are we but the whispering sands
Who drown beneath the waves
& what is man but where he stands
& where at night he lays?’

The first stars of the universe
emerged blinking from their beds
Drawn to her voice like dolphins
to the fisherman’s oar
As the Sídhe fled from the dunes
While the Fianna stalked Ben Bulben’s boar
& even Diarmuid turned his head
to hear her sing once more.

‘What is the gift of life to you
Denied the right to choose
Between the paths you see as true
& those designed to lose?’…

S.A. Murphy 2013


5 thoughts on “Excerpt from ‘Ériú’

  1. Thanks Andrea, that’s a lovely message to get at the end of a grey day in Leitrim! I’m glad they resonate, apologies that I don’t put the whole thing up online, I’m trying to make a living from the resonance of my words but it’s not easy! Babble was a great night, though I still look back & wonder if it really happened. It’s been a whirlwind since then, but in a good way! Hope all is well with you & yours!

    • Thank you Stephen, hope there will be blue skies emerging from beyond the grey! Your poems feel as such!
      Perchance you see my first attempts of musings and ponderings on the web on http.//andreacconnolly.wordpress.com – trying to find some radiance for my writing/poems. It is my new vocation, sparked by my all new and happy life with my chosen truelove, at last. Wishing you sparks of the same for yourself! A

      • All the best with it Andrea, though the words ‘new vocation’ is a strange phrase to me! Isn’t a ‘vocation’ innate by definition, can it be new or is it what we were always born to do? Whatever about my own musings, may it work out well for you whatever you do with it.

        I’ll have a read, apologies for not doing so already, been very busy – I’m afraid I can’t promise radiance, but hopefully honesty will suffice.. I’ve always thought there are already far too many sycophants in the art world without my adding to the mess, although maybe if I did I’d be better off!

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