Excerpt from ‘After The Tiger’

…Of Ireland’s old, the remnants few
Still walk to smell the honeydew
Before the break of morning comes
Through concrete fields of damage done
We sacrifice, this mortal curse,
Our peace of mind for fattened purse
Whose Eden governed by the snake
Has hissed and cried ‘The West’s Awake!’
Allowing Adam and fair Eve
To profligate at which they please
And said ‘Live life at liberty
Look not for what the future sees
But bask in these prosperities!’

By our consent the corporate shift
Came on the North-Atlantic drift
With plastic Gods of chip-and-pin
That gave to all who wanted in
Who never had before nor then
But thus emboldened could pretend
That never would they starve again
A fate that fell on greater men

Now silently they flock once more
The swallows perched to leave this shore
Yet their’s is not a Spring return
For many seasons shall in turn
Pass longingly without the song
Of generations come and gone…


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